The Boards

The Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Sulaiman Tajuddin Ahmad (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Abdul Samad Abdallah (Deputy Chairman)
  3. Dr. Ismail Saeed Adam (Member)
  4. Dr. Murtada Mahmoud Muaz (Member)
  5. Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Ahmed (Member)
  6. Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Nazir (Member)
  7. Sheikh Isshaq Usman Kantoshie (Member)

The Board of Trustees

  1. Dr. Muhammad Liwaudeen Ahmad (Chairman)
  2.  Sheikh Mohammed Saifudeen Abubakar (Deputy Chairman)
  3.  Dr. Abbas Shamsudeen Ibrahim (Member)
  4. Dr. Khalid Ahmed Mohammed (Member)
  5. Dr. Ismail Saeed Adam (Member)
  6. Sheikh Bashir Osman (Secretary)
  7. Sheikh Isshaq Usman Kantoshie (Member)
  8. Sheikh Issa Najimuddeen Mohammed (Member)
  9.  Sheikh Ahmad Mujahid Muhammad (Member)
  10. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdullah (Member)
  11. Sheikh Mohammed Hanafi Ahmad (Member)
  12. Sheikhah Mariyam Mohammed (Member)
  13. Sheikhah Mukarrabah Muhammad (Member)
  14. Sheikhah Mamata Musah Sheriff (Member)

Management Board

  1. Rector & Dean: Dr. Muhammad Liwaudeen Ahmad
  2. Deputy Rector: Sheikh Muhammmad Saifudeen Abubakar
  3. Deputy Dean: Dr. Abbas Shamsudeen Ibrahim
  4. Deputy Dean: Dr. Khalid Ahmed Mohammed
  5. Registrar: Sheikh Ahmad Mujahid Muhammad
  6. Bursar: Sheikha Mukarrabah Muhammad
  7. Public Relations: Sheikha Mamata Musah Sheriff
  8. Chief Librarian: Sheikha Ramatu Ibrahim
  9. Secretary and IT Chief: Sheikh Bashir Osman

Questions, Comments? You tell us. We listen.

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